Ramar Padam

Here are some key points about the history and special features of the Ramar Padam:

Kenthamadanaparuvam and Ram Padam Temples: Sacred Sites of Spiritual Significance in Rameswaram:

Here we will learn about the special features of Kenthamadanaparuvam and Ram Padam temples.Ram Padam Rameswaram Temple is located on a beautiful sand hill surrounded by nature. Many people visit this temple regularly.It is said in Ramakiya Kavya that after Ravana abducted Sri Rama's wife Sita Prati to Sri Lanka, Ramapiran, Lakshmana, and Hanuman, along with their armies, stopped at Rameswaram Kentadamathanaparuvam and consulted about building a bridge across the sea to go to Sri Lanka.

The kings of the Vijayanagara empire decided to place the two feet of Lord Rama where he stood and worshiped him before 1480 years ago by building the temple of Lord Rama. Located on a sandhill 60 kilometers above the ground level of Rameswaram, the temple is built of limestone rocks.This temple houses the Ram Padam, which has stood majestically for 530 years in Rameswaram. Rameswaram is under the management control of Ramanathaswamy Temple. A two-story compound on the way to this Kentadamatanaparuvam has Lord Rama's feet enshrined in a wheel.

The deity of this temple is called Ramanathaswamy. Devotees believe that if they bathe in the theertha here and worship Naganatha, their sins will be removed. When Sita was captured by Ravana, Rama, Anumar, and the monkey armies built a bridge from Dhanushkodi to Sri Lanka to rescue her.It is said that this construction work was won by Ramapirano in Rameswaram at Enthamadhanaparuvam, i.e., the high sand project. Devotees visiting Rameswaram come to this temple and worship the feet of Lord Rama.

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