Panchamukhi Hanuman

Here are some key points about the history and special features of the Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple:

Temple of Panchamukhi Hanuman: A Shrine of Divine Protection and Legend:

The five-faced Hanuman temple, known as Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple, is located two kilometers away from Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple. Lord Hanuman has this shrine dedicated to him. The idol of Hanuman is claimed to have five faces, with Lord Hanuman in the center and the faces of Lords Narasimha, Adivaraha, Garuda, and Hayagriva on either side. This is because it is said that the Lord unveiled his five faces at this location. Saints have covered the statue in senthooram. Following the Dhanuskhodi cyclone in 1964, the idols of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita were transported to this temple and installed. Nearly all devotees who come for a Rameshwaram visit to Panchamukha Hanuman Temple, also known as Panchamukha Anjaneya,Tour.

The Five Faced Hanuman Temple features floating stones:

The "floating stones" that have been stored for the devotees to view at the temple are another important draw. These floating stones were used to construct the Sethu Bandhanam floating bridge, which connected Rameshwaram and Lanka. This allowed Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman, and other heroes to go to Lanka in order to save Goddess Sita and stop the demon Ravana's cruelties.

History and Legend of Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple:

The story goes that in the battle between Lord Rama and the demon Ravana, who had kidnapped Goddess Sita, Ravana had asked Mahiravana, the Patala Loka monarch, for assistance. But Lord Hanuman had used his tail to construct a massive castle around Lord Rama and Lakshman, protecting them.
Thus, later on, Mahiravana assumed the identity of Vibhishana, Ravana's brother, who was assisting Lord Rama in the battle. Then, in order to slay Lord Rama and Lord Lakshman, he brought them to Patala Loka. While searching them, Lord Hanuman also came to Patala Loka, where he learned that he needed to put out all five of the lamps at once, as they were glowing in different directions, in order to kill Mahiravana.
Thus, Lord Hanuman assumed the form of Panchmukhi Hanuman and extinguished all the lamps simultaneously in order to kill Mahiravana and save Lord Rama and Lord Lakshman. In addition to Lord Hayagriva's face facing the sky, Lord Hanuman's five faces include Lord Varaha facing north, Lord Narasimha facing south, Lord Garuda facing west, and Lord Hanuman facing east.

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